June 16, 2008

I'm trying to do styles that you can wear with short hair too (Ashley's request:)

Part the hair down the middle. Rubberband each side.

Make three dividing parts in the second line. Don't forget to include the pieces of hair from the first line!

Last row, just do two parts, but include all of the 2nd rows pieces into this one (don't half it)
Just pull the hair 1/4 through the rubberband so that it's not too heavy on top.
Round brush the back, or make it curly.

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The Steel's said...

Okay, so I am a big dork. I tried this, and it took awhile and just didn't work well. Like not half as cute. I think maybe Katelyn has some weird calicks. Do you use a special product to slick it down? I think I need some major practice. Maybe at the tea you can help me?