August 21, 2010

Rolled Braided Flower

This little girlie has started kindergarten!! We are thrilled & she's lovin' it!! Who knows where we've been - we've just let time slip past us. But I'm still around - posting:)

My sister is fabulous & she actually came up with this idea - I had to ask if I could put it on here it's so genius. You know those darling flowers made out of material - that are rolled & are just so cute? Well - she thought it would be fun to try it on hair. I am in love with it & we've done it a few times since. It is one of those that YOU can do on yourself, on your girlie or even a teenager could wear. Don't we love those? I'm just sad that my hair's too short do fun things like this anymore.

CHECK back because I'm going to post another variation of this darling rolled braided flower
It starts out really easy & simple. Just pull a section of hair back & braid it. I wanted the braid back a little bit - so it didn't sit right on top of her head or too close to her forehead so just bring as far back as you would like. Secure end of braid with an elastic leaving no more than 2" at the bottom
Start by twisting the hair, but keep that braid flat to the head. After about each roll or twist - I secured it with a bobby pin
Try to hide that bobby pin as it's going in.
Keep rolling & keep that flower as flat to the head as you do so - continuing to secure with bobby pins.
When you get near the end start to twist the unbraided section & hide it under the flower & secure with bobby pin.
finished flower:
side view of flower
We left her hair down - but you could pull it up or do 3 flowers in a row - like those headbands. so cute!!


Reece said...

So cute and easy too!! Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas! I look at your blog all the time when I am trying something new with my daughters hair. While I was looking at your blog my 5 year old son came over and said who is that girl? How old is she? She's so pretty, I want to marry her! Ha! Thanks again!

Jaymerz said...

That is adorable!! I am going to have to try it on my girls hair.

famr_4evr said...

So cute! I'm going to try it on the little girls' hair. See if it works on short hair as well.

shandieleigh518 said...

omg shes getting sooo big! love this do btw

Abbie said...

I love it! Her hair has gotten so long and she is definately growing up. Good luck with kindergarten.

Carina said...

I did that to my daughter's hair for a Daddy Daughter Dance. It was so pretty.

The Posse said...

I just have to say I've been checking out your blog lately and I love it. I've been trying tons of your older posts and my girls are always getting complimented on how cute their hair is.

Plus, I've never been that great with girly hair even though I've wanted to. It's always intimidated me, so we've stuck with the basics: piggies, ponies and maybe the occasional braid.

Anyway, a HUGE thank you to making my girls look absolutely adorable! (On a side note, I've been going through and bookmarking all of my faves, especially your short-dos for my 3 yr old. I rely on you! :))

tracy1878 said...

Nice to see you back!!

We do a variation of this, but with side ponies, are version of Princess Leia. I've had trouble with the falling out and now I see I just need to pin at each loop. Thanks!

Jackie said...

so cute! I've never been great at doing my girls hair but for some reason with your instructions, it turns out cute every time! Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm going to have to try this one!

The Posse said...

Could you do a short styles label?

Jessica said...

Very beautiful.

Unknown said...

I just want to thank you for your ideas! I am a SAHM of 8-7-4-2yr old girls and a 1yr boy :) I was desperatly trying to find ideas for their hair, i was running out fast!

thanks again for the clear instructions!

Reka said...

Adorable braids and updos! Some more tips at...

via321 said...

i love this one

Unknown said...

She's so pretty. In the last photo she looks dull i think she is upset of playing with her hair why dont you upload her photo at and play with collections of hairstyles at Taaz. Even they have a mobile app

sonya said...

I love this idea! I tried it on my daughter today and it turned out beautifully. She loved it, and I loved how easy it was! Thank you!!!!

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